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    J&G Logo Call Anytime

    J&G Machining Co.
    100 Whiting Street
    Winsted, CT 06098

    Phone: (860)-379-7038
    Fax:     (860)-738-1427

    J&G Machine's mission is to provide on-time, high quality and responsive customer service to all our customers. Quality Control is of the utmost importance in achieving this mission and we strictly adhere to all the requirements of MIL-I-45208A and MIL-Q-9858.

    At  J&G Machine  we understand the importance of good customers. You can rely on our staff to supply you with the highest quality machining, as well as personal and reliable customer service, custom tailored to fit your unique needs.


     Email Contact

     President  Bob Goulet
     Sales & Accounting  sales@jgmach.com
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